Tank Brawl 2 – Brutal brawls of steel monsters! – Tank Game


We want to build a game that will wow player every 5 minutes. The aim to have 100 wows moments . This will be the best tank game ever that will be remembered 30 years from now as the one that has so many original mechanics that almost all games has inspiration from it.

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Signed up count:  4,220


Free 3 vs 3 Team Multiplayer Battle

Drive Jeeps, Tanks, Giant Mechs or the brutal Mobile Rocket Launchers. Each with its own unique game-play mechanic.

100 Wow moments ! to name a few:

  • Enemy can launch a rocket to ward your game camera and make your screen goes black for a few seconds.
  • Enemies will congrats their friend who killed you and gather to see your corpse.
  • You can choose to buy or rob a shop ( the later will require you to fight police force to escape )
  • Some enemy is aware that they are in a game where player have save game and will take advantage of that.
  • Some enemy pretend to be the tutorial guy to kill you.

High-light update

Our tank destruction system.

The first system we polish in the game is our tank destruction animation. We currently have 4 types of destruction described below.

When tank hit by machine guns, individual parts fall off and physically simulated. The rest of the tank with missing parts still moving and animated correctly.

Tank spitted in half. The pieces are pushed along the ground, blowing up dirt and soil and leaving big scars trail on the ground.

A brutal hard hit make tank explode instantly. Small parts violently flying out fast while big parts goes relatively slow help player recognize the tank shape when it explodes.

Tank hit and pushed back then its own ammo compartment explodes. This create a delayed explosion that let player have time to notice it and this amplify the satisfaction when you destroy a tank.

Our latest progress !

Tank Brawl 2