Tank Brawl 2 – Press Kit


Phung Games

Based in Hanoi, Vietnam


Release date:

Late 2020



Xbox One,

and possibly Playstation 4 and Switch




Tank Brawl 2 is the sequence to Tank Brawl game. This is a top down down shooter with 100 wows moments with mechanics that you never seen before in a game . This will be the best tank game ever that will be remembered 30 years from now as the one that has so many original mechanics that almost all games has inspiration from it.


With experience developing top down shooter in Tank Brawl, we set out with big ambitious to  build Tank Brawl 2. We want to throw every thing we got in it. We are 2 brothers from Hanoi Vietnam who had many years experience in UK game industry. One of us doing code and the other doing art. We recent recruit a friend to do our marketing as well.


  • Combine vehicle and driver classes to make hundreds different playable classes.
  • 3 vs 3 Multiplayer team battle
  • You can drive Jeeps, Tanks, Giant Mechs the Russian TOS-1A ( look it up, it’s awesome).
  • Single and co-op campaign with deep character and vehicle RPG development
  •  100 wows moment with mechanics that you never seen before in a game.
  • Interesting story with different characters.
  • Survival with leaderboard

Monetization Permission

Phung Games allows for the contents of Tank Brawl 2 to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Tank Brawl 2 is legally & explicitly allowed by Phung Games.

About Phung Games

We are Thang & Dung Phung Dinh brothers from Hanoi, Vietnam. During the day, we work full time for professional movies and video game studios, but during the night, we turn indie developers and work on our own games…

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Tank Brawl 2 Credits

Programmer: Thang Phung Dinh

Artist: Dzung Phung Dinh

Marketing: Duc Minh Nguyen